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Who we are


Miracle Strip Wireless, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company supplying high speed wireless connectivity to resort guests, local businesses, local residents, or anyone that needs high speed connectivity but does not want to be tethered to a cable. The people behind Miracle Strip Wireless, Inc. have over 25 years experience in the high tech industry. We have the expertise to offer a well managed and well maintained system. Our background includes designing communication systems at AT&T and Motorola, Inc. We also have designed and deployed wireless systems at Compaq Computer Corporation and HP events.

Miracle Strip Wireless, Inc. has been in business since 2003, supplying high speed wireless internet, to the Destin area. We started our business because of a extreme need for this amenity. At the time of inception, nothing was being offered in this marketplace for the condominium's owners or guests, except dial-up. Since we began, Miracle Strip Wireless Inc.has been successful in supplying this service for two reasons. First, we are experts in the installation of the wireless equipment necessary to totally cover any given property. ( Prior to starting this business, I was employed at Compaq Computer Corporation for many years and was part of the team that developed and deployed the wireless internet at Starbucks. I also installed wireless internet to track the runners at the Boston Marathon and report their location on handheld wireless units as well as the PGA at Pebble Beach for the Pro-Am golf tournaments). And two, we offer on-site personalized service for the owners and their guests. We find that some new and first time users will need assistance with their computer and it is nice to have a friendly and knowledgeable technician, show up at their room quickly and conveniently fitting in their schedule, to assist and get them connected. Our company takes all of the support calls. The property management or on-site front desk personnel, needs only to refer the owners or guests onto us.